ICAST's Multifamily Resource Guide

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Solutions to the Green Rehab Gap

Industry Best Practices 

The split incentive, high transaction costs and lack of volume efficiency, lack of knowledge and resources, opportunity costs, lack of control, and financing challenges.

Case studies demonstrate a deeper dive into the best practices and services ICAST offers, coupled with success stories to demonstrate the different kinds of services and solutions MFAH properties need.

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ICAST (International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise with a history of designing and launching programs to meaningfully impact communities and provide sustainable resource solutions.

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Barriers to Green Rehab

 ICAST has created an Enhanced One-Stop-Shop Model for Multifamily Properties to cover all of the services MFAH properties need. Our company incorporated HUD’s Best Practices, as well as other industry best practices

Mission: To provide economic, environmental, and social benefits to communities in a manor that builds local capacity

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Enhancing the Sustainability and Affordability of Existing Multifamily Affordable Housing Properties through a Market-based Approach to Green Retrofits